Experienced. Compassionate. Effective.


Peter Wolak

Rochester, NY

A young attorney, great smile, very polite, well dressed, slim and very easy to talk to…but that is the tip of the iceberg…he is a tiger in a courtroom or affidavit session…his cross-examinations are brilliant…uncovering weakness or contradictions in his opponents’ statements and bringing them to light. If you are looking for an attorney…Paul Marasco is the complete perfect package…tough in the courtroom but a really nice guy…he doesn’t lose and if he’s your attorney… neither will you.

William Vaughan

Williamsville, NY

Paul assisted JoAnne and me with a legal matter and was such a great help. He is professional, kind and understanding!! We would not hesitate to utilize his services again. We highly recommend Paul Marasco for your legal needs.

Charlie d’Estries

Buffalo, NY

Paul is first and foremost an extremely compassionate person. He understands what angst and pain people go through. It’s why he works so hard to relieve some of the burden on those who have suffered an injury. Sure, you can decide to work with the large, well-known law firms, but you’ll sacrifice personal attention and empathy. With Paul Marasco, you get to work with an expert in injury law and a caring individual. If you have a need for an attorney, I highly recommend you call him.

Laura & Dean Pardy

Whitehall, PA

Paul Marasco came very highly recommended to us when we had to file suit in New York for a personal injury claim against a commercial property. We live in Pennsylvania, but from our first conversation, we were confident that Paul was committed to providing us with the very best outcome. We worked closely with Paul for several months. During this stressful time, Paul was always extremely responsive, returning every email and phone call personally and promptly and was dedicated to making sure we understood every step of the process. We appreciated his patience in taking the time to explain our options in detail, which ultimately helped us feel very comfortable with the outcome. Paul negotiated a very favorable pre-deposition settlement. We did not have to travel to New York and we were extremely grateful to avoid the stress of going through a deposition. Although we never met Paul in person, he always provided us with sound advice and support, guiding us through a sometimes daunting process with a very calm and friendly demeanor, far exceeding our expectations. We trusted him in representing us through the entire process. We can’t thank Paul enough and, without hesitation, would highly recommend his outstanding services!

Kristen Eschefelder

Brighton, NY

Paul is extremely knowledgeable and trustworthy. The moment you first meet with him, you know he will take good care of you. And he did!